Fog nozzle branch

  • This branch can be adjusted to give a water stream for straight jet, a fine or coarse spray and complete shut off.
  • The fine spray is in the form of mist or fog, thus the name. 
  • A floating rotary valve connected with the handle facilitates the control operations. 
  • To prevent the entry of any foreign material wire mesh is provided in a cylindrical tube in between the rotary valve and the male instantaneous coupling so that the holes of the spray nozzle or spray head, are not blocked. 
  • The spray head is detachable and held in position by the spring loaded interlocking arrangement. 
  • With this-type of hand controlled branch, the spray head or spray nozzle can be extended with extension piece or low pressure applicator can be connected to fight small oil fires or discharge the fog directly to the burning surface. 
  • The.size of the jet is normally 16 mm.