Fire proximity suit

Introduction :
                these are clothing for use by fire man while approaching bear fire where it is very difficult to withstand the temperature.

Components :

  1. Full hand Jacket 
  2. Hood with visor
  3. Trousers
  4. Foot wear (Boots)
  5. Hand Gloves 

Material of Construction :

  1. Asbestos
  2. Aluminised Fabric

Precautions in use :

  • Use a Breathing Apparatus Set in case the environment is contaminated with
    poisonous gases or vapor.
  • Use a life line one end of which is held by another person while working in
    confined spaces.
  • Never exceed the temperature recommended by die supplier.

                  To enable fire fighting teams to approach the seat of a fire and to carry out rescue duties they should have adequate protection against the effect of smoke and heat. Ail ships irrespective of age should carry minimum of two Fireman’s Outfit. Passenger ships and Tankers have additional requirement.for Fireman’s outfit. 

Each outfit should consisting of :

  1. Breathing, apparatus
  2. Water-resisting protective clothing of material to protect the skin from heat radiating from the fire and from burns and scalding to steam.
  3. Boots and Gloves of rubber or other electrically non-conducting material.
  4. Rigid helmet
  5. An electric intrinsically safe hand lamp with a minimum of 03 hrs duration.
  6. An axe with a short insulated handle.
  7. A strong fire proof life line (36 mts each-min 2 nos)
  8. A belt for carrying the ancillary equipment.
  •  The Breathing apparatus should consist of either a self contained apparatus of approved type or a smoke helmet or smoke mask, supplied with air from an air pump and a length of flexible hose exceeding 36 meters sufficient to reach from the open deck  to any part of the holds or machinery spaces. 
  • The self contained apparatus should consist of a face mask attached by a flexible hose to one or two cylinders containing air and supported on a frame and harness. 
  • The capacity of the apparatus should not be less than 1200 liters to give a nominal functioning time of 30 minutes.