• These are metal fittings used for joining two lengths of hose together or a hose to an apparatus or vice versa.
  • These are fitted to either end of the hose lengths used for suction or delivery purposes. 
  • All couplings are always a pair of two pieces. 
  • One is called the “male” and the other a “female”.
  • Instantaneous couplings are now standard in India for delivery hose and pump outlets whereas “threaded    couplings are used on suction hose and pump inlets. 
  • Instantaneous couplings are provided with the spring loaded lugs with the help of which the hoses can be snapped on and off in an instant. 
  • These are provided with the swiveling action for running the coils. 


  • the coupling is provided with threads to lock male couling to female coupling .


  • the coupling is provided spring lock in female coupling.
  • just push the male coupling in to the female coupling it will automatically locked by spring loaded locks.



Male Coupling:

  • Serrated Tail
  • Lip
  • Flange



Female Coupling:

  • Serrated Tail
  • Two hollow lugs
  • Spring loaded plunger with cam shaped tooth
  • Stop nut
  • Cap
  • Metal Disc
  • Spring
  • Washer