Collecting head

  • It consists of a metal casting of aluminum or gun metal fitting with two, three, four or six inlets for Delivery Hose and a single Female Suction Coupling for attach­ing to the suction inlet of a pump. 
  • Each of the inlets is provided with a non return valve which consists of a metal casing and screwed into the body of the collecting head and fashioned to a male instantaneous coupling. 
  • The valve is mushroom shaped with either a synthetic rubber or a metal ground face and is held against a seating by means of spiral spring. 
  • The water pressure forces the valve off its seating preventing the escape of water, getting fast stuck to its seating. The valve lift must not be less than 16 mm.
  • These fittings are primarily used in closed relay when they are fitted to the intermediate and delivery pumps.
  • It is used in-case of collector pumping to aug­ment the water supply to a pump from weak pressure fed sources. 
  • It may help in priming a pump with a defective Primer. It may serve the purpose of Blank cap while the pump works from a mounted tank.
  • It may also be used at the end of suction hose to avoid repeated priming in case thepump needs to be stopped from time to time.